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Content Management System Database Explorer
Content Management System
Full-featured web based CMS enables business users to author their own web content in real time without a need of technical knowledge and html coding JReps allows for fast deployment of all standard and advanced features of CMS; document management features, comprehensive workflow and approvals, advanced search, content scheduling, file and image library and user management.
Database Explorer
This tool has been created for database integrators and administrators. It enables a user to explore query and monitor multiple databases. Build in functions include browsing the database, querying and sorting data, viewing and modifying stored procedures, and executing SQL commands. New functions can be created and existing ones can be modified to suit integrator/admin needs.

Issue Tracking System Content Management System
Issue Tracking System
Increases efficiency in resolving issues and significantly reduces unnecessary support calls. Clients can report any problem or post a question in the system, later log in the system to see the status of their issue. A developer or a support person assigned to this user will be automatically notified when a new issue has been placed. Issues can be tracked based on priority status or other custom criteria.
Content Management System
Web site layout and navigation is controlled by JReps. When user adds a new listing, it will be automatically added to the navigation menu. CMS is browser based so user can make all the changes on the fly and without any html knowledge.

Real Estate Semi-Annual Report Call Tracker
Real Estate Semi-Annual Report
The Web provides a great opportunity for hierarchical navigation. Using JReps as an integration and presentation tool, data stored in either relational databases or some local proprietary format could be presented comprehensively through one screen.
Call Tracker
Call center system that communicates with PIM (Personal Instant Messenger). The system provides bi-directional communication between PIM and call center application. A call is entered by executive associate and sent to wireless messenger. An executive receives notification and respond back with instructions for associate.

Collateral Management System Mutual Fund Reporting System
Collateral Management System
Collateral Management System for a client that did not have any creative or business requirement used JReps to concurrently prototype and develop the system. Significantly reduced Joint Application Development iterations as well as post implementation support.
Mutual Fund Reporting System
Web-based reports provide quarterly or monthly interactive reports for mutual fund companies. These reports are presented to clients along with paper reports. With web based reports the client can drill down and see much more information about his portfolio performance.

A real time portfolio Overview Administration panel
A real time portfolio Overview
Report can either run as an independent reporting application or be merged into other applications. JReps improves report design productivity by providing functions that create a report dynamically.
Administration panel
for an collateral tracking System JReps is extremely fast on building administration screens where you can easily edit and modify all your administration settings for intranet web site as well as for your portal or ASP. It has build-in security for users and groups. The authentication could be performed against database, file or xml depends on what kind of connector you'd use for authentication.

Project management system Edit screen
Project management system
This example shows a tab control where various parts of main entity (Client can be edited). The Tree could be customizable so that it resembles the common look and feel.
Edit screen
With JReps you can change skin (colors and appearance) almost on fly... The preferences can be stored to storage of your choice. The Edit and Qedit components use smart-buffer-technology so it is very easy to replicate edits/changes to other databases either in master/master mode or master/slave mode.