Component architecture
Create application using pre-built building blocks

Plug-in architecture
Add new functionality to existing application with ease

Extremely fast data access

Heterogeneous data-engine
Connects to and retrieves data from multiple databases simultaneously

Flexible connectors
JDBC, EJB, XML, Flat-file, and folder connectors.

Updates multiple databases simultaneously and keeps them in sync

Template libraries
Add functionality using existing library functions

Maintains multiple users groups and rules

Easy to develop and maintain
logic and data are encapsulated into different code blocks that use standard interfaces to communicate with each other. As these blocks are loosely coupled, changes in one can be made without impacting the other

disparate programming languages and architectures can be easily integrated

Reuse code
existing components can be easily deployed within the framework

JReps offers all these advantages and more. It is portable across different platforms. It is extremely efficient and is currently one of the fastest frameworks’ in the market. It uses limited scripting constructs that are logical and easy to learn. Most importantly, it links to almost every database in the market making web reporting, data conversions and transformation simple and easy to implement.